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Utilising the nooks and crannies in your home for storage solutions

Throughout your home there will be little (and not so little!) nooks and crannies that can be used for storage, depending on what the space is adjacent to. Some ideas for you here!

Front entrance

If you have a lobby space, be it a separate room or a wider hallway, then you can use it for a shoe rack, a bench seat for putting shoes on or a console table for your keys and handbag. You might also find some coat hooks, or an umbrella stand here depending on how much space you have.If it’s big enough to be a mud room then you might find all of the above – although a mudroom might also be found by your garage if there is internal access, or be part of your laundry.


As with the above, you might have a mudroom at your backdoor, or a laundry space; somewhere to store coats, shoes, hats, school and sport bags, and cleaning equipment.This might sound like a lot more stuff than what can fit in a ‘nook’ or ‘cranny’ but if you’re strategic about the setup you might be surprised – .for example, a bench seat with baskets or drawers below, coat hooks above and a shelf across the top.

Under the stairs

It used to be that the space under your stairs was a cupboard for items to be put and forgotten about, but nowadays there are so many more options.You can build in a bench seat with storage as a reading nook or for putting shoes on; you can install pull-out storage; or this could be your laundry, home office or a powder room.

Alcoves and corners

Anywhere you have an alcove or corner is a storage opportunity for built in cabinetry – be it cupboards, shelves or drawers. Cabinetry can be installed in a seamless white that fades into the background, or something that matches the kitchen / laundry / bathroom cabinetry.

Roof space and eaves

Few houses don’t have a useable roof space – just because there isn’t standing room in your attic doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable real estate, especially if you don’t have a garage for things like tents and other camping equipment, your Christmas tree and sentimental items that you’re holding onto but don’t need access to all the time.If there is standing room, then the attic can be used as a rumpus, home office, reading space, studio or home office – to name a few – a plus if there’s a gable end or dormer with a window, and a pull-down staircase for access.The use of eaves is only available in two-storey homes that have a canopy / eave providing shelter over the ground level below, but that are at a height that’s accessible from perimeter rooms. An example would be a bedroom that could have cupboards built into the eaves with drawers or shelves built in for clothing, or with open space for toy baskets.


Do you need help adding storage to your home?

Never run out of storage with this complete guide to making the most of every nook and cranny. 

Storage is a bit of a luxury in many houses, and something you can never have too much of. So if you can plan ahead to build it in—your future self will thank you for it!

This guide covers all the ways you can incorporate it into your build and the best places to store certain items. We’ve included ideas for building in storage under stairs, making the most of nooks and crannies, and all of the furniture options for additional space.