Kickstart your home renovation project
with these ebooks, workbooks and more

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Kickstart your home renovation project with these ebooks, workbooks
and more.
Something for everyone

It’s exciting to begin dreaming of your new home, but as a rookie renovator it may quickly feel like you’ve gotten in way over your head. I want to pass on my knowledge to make your journey easier, and I want to make the information accessible and instant, so I’ve developed a series of online resources to suit all renovation projects, big and small.

Must haves

Renovation ebooks!

I know how you're feeling.... any renovation or new build project is as exciting as it is daunting.

You’ve saved hard to gather the money you need and now you have to spend it in the most efficient and clever way possible.

No pressure!

It’s difficult to do it alone, especially when you don’t have the right tools, resources or network behind you. That's why I created this series of renovation ebooks to help give you the confidence you need for all of your renovation decisions.

What will you choose?
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How about some how-tos?

'How -to' workbooks


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Learn "How to draw a floor plan"

Sketch out your floorplan to help you visualise the changes.

Learn "How to identify your renovation project scope"

Get a crystal clear scope to show your tradesmen.

Learn "How to prepare a brief"

Identify what’s most important in and engage your A-team.

Coming soon!


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The Rookie Renovator's Guide to Interior Painting

Everything you need to know about painting your home for the first time.

The NZ Homeowner’s Guide to Council Consents

Everything you need to know about Consents and Compliance for your reno.

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Renovation Foundations ecourse

No hype. Just value, knowledge and results. My ecourse is designed to ensure your home renovation project is set up for success from day one, so you can move forward with your dream home goals with confidence and clarity.

Supplemented with a series of ebooks, I'm there with you to ensure your home renovation project is run without unnecessary stress, massive budget blowouts, or timeline overruns that could have been avoided.


Renovation Toolbox Programme

You’re keen to call the shots, but you don’t know what the shots are.

You understand some things when it comes to building and construction, but it’s really only 'cause you’ve got a couple of mood boards showcasing your dream reno’.

With my coaching programme I can support you every step of the way so you feel supported whilst being in control. A great balance. 

Renovation short courses

If my entire renovation eCourse is more than what you need, then here you grab either Module #1: Kickstart your Home Renovation or Module #5: Build your Home Renovation Budget separately.

Note: there will be reference to other Modules within these short courses but the tasks can still be completed independently of the whole eCourse.

The hardest part is getting started! No matter what your level of renovation experience is, or what stage of the project you’re at, I’ll help you make sure the fundamentals are in place to ensure a successful renovation.

By the end of this short course you'll be able to:

  • Sketch a rough floor plan
  • Complete take-offs to make estimating costs / obtaining quotes for flooring etc easier
  • Identify your project scope
  • Determine who you need to hire (draft, structural engineer etc)
  • Brief your consultants and builder
  • Calculate the ballpark cost of your reno
  • Determine the approximate timeline

Renovating your home without at least a floor plan is setting yourself up for failure. Even the most rookie of renovators can whip up a floor plan. I’m going to break it down into simple steps for you. 

Fixtures, fittings, finishes and equipment can make or break your budget and timeline. Finding the right balance between fitout aesthetic, interior quality and the bottom line is a fine art that you will nail with my help.

By the end of this short course you'll be able to:

  • Interpret your architect, draughtsman or engineers drawings
  • Prepare a floor plan (if you're not working with professional drawings due to not triggering a Consent)
  • Present your floor plan clearly for a contractor to price from
  • Prepare your FF&E Schedules for specifying and procurement

Avoid budget blowouts by building a comprehensive and thorough home renovation budget from the get-go.

By the end of this short course you'll be able to:

  • Build a budget for your home renovation project, room-by-room and line-by-line
  • Plug in actual costs and contractor pricing
  • Complete tender reviews and bid-levelling (comparing pricing from multiple builders)
  • Track invoices and variations clearly and concisely throughout construction

Knowing the order of things, and how long each phase of the project will take, will help you to set feasible milestones for delivery along every step ofyour renovation journey. You’re in charge of the timeline, but I’ll help you to map out a realistic one.

By the end of this short course you'll be able to:

  • Setup a baseline timeline for your renovation project
  • Determine a realistic timeframe for your renovation project
  • Update your timeline as things evolve
  • Determine the flow on effect of changes to your timeline so you can make informed decisions
Let me do it for you


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This guide was an amazing resource when making decisions for our recent bathroom/laundry renovation.

Both practical and design focussed advice that I would have been a lost without. Can’t wait to buy the exteriors e-book when we move onto our next big project!


For a first time home builder, it is very overwhelming.. trying to understand and remember all the important small details necessary going into your design!

These ebooks definitely lay out the essential foundations and give you all the tools and tips for what to think/consider when planning your home room by room. I definitely recommend this if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need guidance with your design!

Grab this!

Need help with your budget?

Keep your project within budget and without unexpected costs.

If you've got a vision in mind but heard the horror stories of budget blowouts, then my FREE Budget Hacks ebook is for you. I've been there and I've done that, and in this ebook I share my 20 money-saving ideas for your home renovation project.