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Congratulations on taking the first step in achieving your dream home! I'm excited to share this journey with you. With the right tools, DIYing your way from demo to dream home is totally achievable, whether you're on the tools or hiring someone else to be, and I’m here to help get the job done!

Self Study Online ebooks, workbooks, guides and courses

No hype. Just value, knowledge and results. My renovation eCourse is designed to ensure your home reno project is set up for success from day one, so you can move forward with your dream home goals with confidence and clarity.

Supplemented with a series of ebooks, workbooks and guides I'm there with you to ensure your home renovation project is run without unnecessary stress, massive budget blowouts, or timeline overruns that could have been avoided.


Pick my brain

You’re keen to call the shots, but you don’t know what the shots are.

You understand some things when it comes to building and construction, but it’s really only 'cause you’ve got a couple of mood boards showcasing your dream reno’.

With a renovation pick my brain call or concession,(enquire within) I can support you every step of the way so you feel supported whilst being in control. A great balance. 


1:1 Project Management Consulting

You’re the visionary without the time nor the energy to be the harbour master watching the ships roll in. Let me help you with that, so you can just turn up and pour yourself a celebratory drink in your beautiful new home at the end.

No stress, no pressure. A way to work with me directly on any project, no matter the size or budget.

Limited spots available.


"Understanding the costs involved with renovating... is super helpful"

I have loved this eCourse, its so easy to follow and full of such valuable information and resources. I haven’t done this course alongside an actual renovation, but now I can’t wait to find our next house that we can renovate and put all that I’ve learnt into action. Understanding the costs involved with renovating using the ballpark figures provided is super helpful when trying to decide the extent of your renovation, and is also great for when your house hunting and trying to work out what you can afford to pay for the house as well as any potential renovations. I highly recommend this course.


"The amount of information and resource... is staggering"

The amount of information and resource in the foundations ecourse is staggering. I love the bite sized pieces of content as it makes it all easily digestible and the downloadable resources are super helpful, I especially found the price indication really eye opening and helped us to scope out exactly what we can afford to do with our renovation.

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Keep your project within budget and without unexpected costs.

If you've got a vision in mind but heard the horror stories of budget blowouts, then my FREE Budget Hacks ebook is for you. I've been there and I've done that, and in this ebook I share my 20 money-saving ideas for your home renovation project.