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Three ways to layout a bathroom floorplan

Whether you’re installing one bathroom or five; an ensuite, powder room or family bathroom; the layout ideas here will get you started!

Bathroom Layouts

I’ve shared three different ways a 2m x 3m room can be used as a bathroom. I appreciate that not all bathrooms are perfectly rectangular or luxurious in size – the purpose of these concept layouts is to show you that no matter what the scope is, there’s always a way to make the space work for you.

Two thoughts to keep in mind though: the toilet is ideally positioned on an exterior wall and ideally, it’s not front and centre to the bathroom door.

Layout One

Layout Two

Layout Three

Bathroom Layout Strategy

  • If you’re planning on skipping the door to your tiled shower, then you’ll need at least 1m wide walls or glazing either side of the shower head and a minimum 65cm opening to walk through to the shower
  • Consider positioning your shower tap at the entrance of the shower rather than under the shower head – that’s counter-intuitive and a sure way to end up wet when you turn it on, despite being the norm (as it is cheaper to keep the plumbing for each close together)
  • Planning on building in a shower seat? It needs to be around 50cm high and either 10cm deep for bottles etc or to rest your foot on when shaving your legs, or 25-35cm deep if you want to sit on it
  • Hand towel and bath towel rails should be positioned next to or opposite the vanity and shower if your layout allows for it
  • Try and hide the toilet from view when the bathroom door is open if you can – use a part-height wall or position it to the side / behind the door.


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