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Kitchen renovations - start with the layout!

Kitchens used to be separated from the ‘living’ space of a home, but with the growing popularity of open-plan kitchen-dining-lounge spaces, there’s been a surge in popularity of adjoining rooms where food prep can be completed and dishes hidden away. Depending on how much space you have available, you might be able to squeeze in a walk-in pantry or scullery too.

Kitchen Layouts

Today though, I'm here to talk about kitchen layouts! When it comes to designing your kitchen, I recommend working with either an interior designer or a kitchen specialist. A new kitchen is a huge investment and one you don’t want to get wrong. To help get you started, I’ve shared six sample floor plans of varying kitchen layouts - they're dotted throughout this blog post.

The layout examples in this blog that can be applied to any space, be it a separate room or an open-plan kitchen and living area – all that means is that one section of cabinetry might not be against a wall, but that’s absolutely fine as it offers the opportunity to use it as a breakfast bench.

The Golden Triangle

You might notice that in these sketches, the fridge, the sink and the cooktop are never right next to eachother. In fact, they're often located at the three points of a triangle.

This represents the decades old theory that the kitchen’s three main work areas should form a triangle and is required because if you are cooking, you need quick access to ingredients from the fridge, and quick access to the sink to place used pots.

To streamline the kitchen’s traffic flow, the perimeter of the ‘working triangle’, also referred to as the ‘kitchen triangle’ and the ‘golden triangle’, should be no more or less than 4m – 8m in length, with each of the three sides measuring somewhere between 1.2m – 2.7m. These measurements ensure bottlenecks are avoided and adequate circulation space is maintained.

There are always exceptions to the rules (i.e. single wall kitchens), but it’s a great starting point and a no-fail way to think about your kitchen layout. As a minimum, aim to have at least 1.2m each between the fridge and cooktop and sink, to ensure sufficient bench space for food preparation.

Bonus Kitchen Renovation Tip

Complete an assessment of how you use your current space before engaging a designer – what are the obvious things you would change i.e. do you need more drawers and less cupboards, because you prefer to store your plates and bowls in an easily accessible drawer? It also pays to collate a gallery of kitchen images that you like from Pinterest or Instagram, with notes on what you specifically like about them (layout, hardware, finish etc) to show your interior designer. This process will save them time and save you money.


Do you have plans to renovate your kitchen?

My Pinterest-Worthy Kitchens ebook covers everything you need to know to DIY your kitchen reno. I share top tips, save vs splurge options, an overview of the design and build process, plus more layouts like the ones above for walk-in pantry and scullery options. The content also includes information and inspiration for cabinetry selection and appliances, and an overview of finishes and services requirements.