How to identify the scope for your home renovation project

Determining your scope

Project scope is an essential part of renovation or interior design planning.

Figuring it out a big task, especially if your whole home needs renovating.

An excellent place to start is with a review of the existing spaces and their conditions and finishes. 

Do you have mismatched skirtings, curtains that are perishing, or scuffs on the walls?

Making an honest assessment of your starting point is the key to success.

From there, you can identify the need-to-dos, nice-to-haves, and non-negotiables (AKA the must-haves!).


Getting started - the checklist

To get you started, I’ve prepared a how to identify your renovation project scope workbook, available for instant download.

It’s a big document and will likely take a few hours to get through.

Clear your diary on a Sunday morning or spend a few evenings working through it.

I find printing the checklist and popping it on a clipboard is the easiest way to complete it.


Narrowing it down

I’ve also prepared a workbook on how to prepare a brief which helps you to narrow down the project scope into digestible items for an interior designer, architect or builder to work from when designing and / or pricing your project.

Have a go at working through these workbooks, and definitely complete the briefing exercise independent of your partner then compare the results!


Feeling frustrated and stuck?

Have you got a specific question about project scope? I'd love to help. Drop me a message on Instagram or Facebook - I'll be happy to help!