Hey! Do you want my job?

Late last month I was interviewed by the lovely Michele Olivier from O&H Consulting for her super fun Podcast... "Hey! I want your job!"

Michele's introduction

Michele introduces me as someone who "takes no sh!t forging a successful career as a Construction Project Manager" and goes on to say...

Jen Jones is a charming, no-nonsense project manager who has forged successful business and reputation for industry excellence in one of the most male dominated industries there is: construction.

In this episode she talks, not only about those challenges but also about starting her own business, and what life looks like without Covid in 2020/2021!

Based in New Zealand Jen lives in a veritable twilight zone to the rest of us. SPOILER I checked and she's not open to marriage proposals.

What you can expect

 Here's an overview of what we chatted about in our 47mins together:

  • Why I chose the title 'Project Consultant'
  • The 'voodoo magic' that is project management
  • My marketing tagline versus reality - what I actually do every day
  • How I went from project managing tree huts to $220m+ projects
  • What happened after I was told "no one will ever listen to a silly little girl like you" on a $160m project
  • The only difference between a male on site and me (apart from the obvious!)
  • My unusual approach to sexism and women's rights.... hear me out, it's not what you think!
  • Whether or not the construction industry lives up to our 'clean green New Zealand' reputation
  • The impact of Covid-19 on the home renovation sector
  • The renovation tasks I don't recommend you DIY; and the ones that aren't as tough as you think
  • Two tools everyone should have
  • Which tradie deserves more credit than they get
  • What you might earn as a project manager

Keen for a listen?

When you've got an hour spare, watch the interview below, or listen to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


More about O&H Consulting

My host Michele Olivier is a self-professed Recruitment Disruptor, Career Coach, Change Agent, Resume Writer, Sarcasm Dispenser and Podcaster who is devoted to helping clients and those in need. I can attest to her sense of humour and knowledge of all things women-in-the-workplace!

Keen to get me onto your renovation a-team?