Client Love & Success Stories

"My secret reno weapon"

Jen is genuinely my secret reno’ weapon. She knows how to get shit done – for lack of a better word. Jen confidently guided me through planning, budgeting, sourcing, and helped me stay on track in every sense of the word. She is worth her weight in gold and will be able to make your life so much easier.


"Absolutely recommend! I felt very overwhelmed by all the work needed on our house and had no idea where to start. A friend recommended the e-books as a starting point - bite sized super helpful tips and instructions on how to tackle different areas of your property. I found these so valuable that I signed up to the e-course and now have a really clear understanding and am underway with some of our renos. I have followed a few DIY influencers but find Jen the best as it's all local NZ knowledge, can't beat it! You've saved me so much already, thank you!"


"The amount of information and resource in the foundations ecourse is staggering.  I love the bite sized pieces of content as it makes it all easily digestible and the downloadable resources are super helpful, I especially found the price indication really eye opening and helped us to scope out exactly what we can afford to do with our renovation."



"Jen and her wealth of experience is absolutely invaluable.

The online modules are easy to follow, incredibly well explained and heaps of fun. There is a tonne of valuable content; from the templates, e-books and having the FB group to post questions and ask for help in. But the game-changer is access to Jen! The 'pick my brain' calls just take the course to a whole new level - for a reno-rookie like me, having Jen there to help support, give me advice, and tell me about the great products she has worked with, has just been invaluable."


"I am nearly half way through the Renovation Budget Blowout Prevention modules and already its been well worth the investment! As a renovation rookie I was completely naive as to how much things cost, their timelines, and when and how to even get started.

Jen's course has helped to give us a much needed reality check

so we can approach our renovation with the knowledge and skills to make it work for us and avoid any unwelcome surprises. The modules are clear and easy to follow and it's great that we can work through it at our own pace.



Getting started and staying on track was much easier thanks to Jen's help. She gave me the framework to make planning, budgeting and sourcing a smooth process.


Feeling the love

I have loved this eCourse, it's so easy to follow and full of such valuable information and resources.  Understanding the costs involved with renovating using the ballpark figures provided is super helpful when trying to decide the extent of your renovation, and is also great for when you're house hunting and trying to work out what you can afford to pay for the house as well as any potential renovations. I highly recommend this course.