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Plastering & Painting

This week we have tradie ladies Brooke and Tegan in to give us the 101 on  plastering and painting, including tips for the DIYers among us. We cover the importance of prep work, the tools of the trade that make or break the finish, and a bunch of other gems. We also have experienced DIYer and radio broadcaster Nickson Clark in to share his painting doozy - which involves a spray gun and his neighbours car.

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 We also cover:
  • Jen and Dunc’s painting experience
  • The shade of white nobody should use
  • Why DIY plastering sucks and you should outsource it
  • The importance of the Selleys Sugar Soap step
  • Ways to deal with wallpapered walls - stripping versus relining
  • The one paint you can get high on that requires full PPE
  • The importance of using a dustless vacuum cleaner (and not your Dyson) when you’re cleaning up plastering dust pre-painting
  • How much of a game changer vacuum sanders are
  • Tricks for avoiding masking tape dilemmas like peeling paint or leaky lines
  • What you should prioritise masking versus cutting in without masking tape, if you’re keen to give it a go
  • Tegan’s recommended masking tape
  • Why you shouldn’t go budget on your painting equipment
  • The only painting brush Tegan uses, and her roller naps of choice
  • How to store your paint brushes between coats on one project (versus between projects)
  • What fridges have to do with painting brushes and rollers
  • Tegan’s pro tip for learning to use a paint sprayer using water and the 60/40 approach
  • Dunc’s spray painting experience and Tegan’s tips for trying this yourself
  • Tegan’s painting order, clue: she starts with the ceilings
  • Tegan’s recommended paint types for various uses - including light versus dark rooms, wet rooms and so on
  • Things to be mindful of when painting a room dark
  • Exterior prep work for weatherboards versus bricks
  • How to identify and deal with lead paint (and yes, it’s as bad as asbestos!)
  • The history of lead paint and who you should get in to remove lead paint and what it might cost
  • Alice’s tips for assessing when to skim coat versus reline walls
  • How to avoid getting dust in your eyes when sanding
  • Alice’s recommended plastering tools if you want to DIY
  • When you should or shouldn’t DIY plastering and sanding, according to Alice
  • The rule of thumb for using fibreglass tape on your reno

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