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Adding value vs overcapitalising

Learn how to make smart renovation decisions that add value to your home without overcapitalizing in our latest episode of the podcast. Join hosts Dunc and Jen as they share their own renovation experiences and insights on adding value to your home, including tips on insulating walls. Then, hear from Keith from Ray White Grey Lynn as he shares his expertise on balancing value and cost in your home renovation projects. Whether you're a first-time renovator or a seasoned pro, this episode has something for everyone. Don't miss out and visit our website for more information and links related to this episode.

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 We also cover:
  • What excites people when they walk into a home
  • The shocking price people pay for tiny homes with the heritage appeal
  • With small sections, what the most important thing you can do to make your reno work
  • The classic mullet style of renovation
  • When and why people start to talk about ‘value’
  • Why street appeal is still very important
  • The classic signs that someone is about to sell
  • When painting can hinder your sale rather than help it - and yes, you should choose white for your walls!
  • How important it is to know who your buyer might be, especially whether it’s an investor versus owner occupier
  • The must-dos when you’re about to sell your home
  • Whether or not buyers are getting lazier
  • What sorts of houses banks prefer to lend on, whether a ‘do-up’ is an issue for them, and the power of a pre-approval (but not in a good way!)
  • The modern-day purpose of the backyard, and how Covid has moulded this
  • The golden rules for when and how to install a swimming pool - including size, finish, amenity and so on
  • Whether open-plan living is here to stay, and what the alternatives are
  • One office… Or two??
  • How important the invisible items like heating, ventilation, insulation and double glazing are
  • The risks of un-consented works when you come to sell
  • The importance of having a universal design style if you’re planning to sell
  • What to spend on your reno if you intend to sell it in two versus five years versus 10
  • Why looking at what you purchased the house for, plus your estimated reno cost, is the wrong way to assess the feasibility of your project
  • The key considerations when choosing between staying and renovating versus selling and moving
  • The best bang for buck Jen and Dunc have had on their own renos
  • The tough lesson Jen had on one of her own developments where she over-capitalised; and the one Dunc had when he didn’t get an earthworking quote in writing
  • Purchases Jen and Dunc endorse that don’t necessarily add value

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