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An intro to
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Discover the latest trends and expert insights on kitchen design with our latest episode of the podcast. Join Dunc as he breaks down the cost of a kitchen renovation and hear from award-winning designer Annika from Rowson Kitchens as she shares her controversial thoughts on kitchen design. Jen also shares her knowledge on budget-friendly kitchen renovation options and the differences between mid-level and high-end kitchen designs. Tune in now to elevate your kitchen renovation game and visit our website for more information and links related to this episode.

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 We also cover:
  • The ‘golden triangle’ rule for laying out your kitchen
  • The different ‘work areas’ in your kitchen that will help you to figure out what to store and where
  • Whether cupboards or drawers are cheaper, and the up-specs you can opt for
  • A cost-saving hack for open shelving
  • When and where to DIY your splashback tiling, Jen’s failed splashback and why Dunc’s dad is a tiling legend… or is he?!
  • The ‘extras’ for your kitchen cupboards and drawers that are worth investing in
  • Insinkerators… yay or nay?
  • The default choice for kitchen sinks, and the other options available
  • What separates a good kitchen from a great kitchen
  • The two key things most clients ask for in a kitchen reno
  • The three items worth spending on to add ‘wow’ factor to any kitchen reno
  • The timeless design choices for any kitchen
  • How long a kitchen reno takes and what people do when they’re between kitchens
  • Why you can’t install a gas hob next to a fridge
  • Why Annika doesn’t believe in sculleries, but is happy to include a butler’s pantry in her client’s designs
  • How to make the most of deep cupboards in terms of accessing what’s in them
  • Annika’s go-to tap spec for any kitchen reno
  • What exactly a ‘cool drawer’ is and how it can be used
  • Reasons to install a steam oven, induction hobs and what the more aesthetic solution for hideous rangehoods is
  • Appliance positioning and concealing them in the cabinetry
  • Why Annika prefers to position both the cooktop and the sink in the island

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