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bathroom renos

Get expert tips and insights on bathroom renovations in this week's episode of Renovation Nation. Listen in as Lachie from YourTradie shares his knowledge on all aspects of bathroom design and renovation. Our host Dunc discusses his bathroom renovation project and Jen shares her extensive experience having completed seven renovations. Hear from special guest Tammy Davis, host of George FM's breakfast show, as he shares his renovation journey.

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 We also cover:
  • Why figuring out if you need a Consent is the best place to start, the grey area over what does and doesn’t trigger one, who to hire to prepare the application, and the additional cost of a consented bathroom reno
  • Reasons why you might reconfigure your bathroom layout - hint, is brushing your teeth after someone destroys the toilet an issue for you?
  • To tile or not to tile, and how much
  • The current tapware trends and the colour that’s now mainstream
  • How to get a custom quality vanity for less
  • What sort of shower you should install - tiled, cubicle…
  • Will you be washing your dog in your bath? Dunc also wants to know if spa baths are hot right now
  • Mirror cabinets - coming back, or let them stay in the past? Jen shares her hot tip for making them more bearable
  • How to choose a toilet from the phenomenal range of options
  • What kind of reno you can get for $10k vs $30k vs almost $60k in today’s market, and the return you get in value add to your house
  • What it takes to install an $18k 300kg bath that doesn’t fit through a regular door frame
  • Some of the ‘nice-to-haves’ like infrared lighting, strip lighting and underfloor heating - including Dunc’s tip for saving on your underfloor heating bill
  • Tradie tips for a seamless bathroom reno, including what to have ready at your first site meeting
  • When it’s worthwhile hiring an interior designer
  • The best use for masking tape when planning a bathroom reno
  • What to be aware of when using Villaboard rather than GIB
  • Common ‘unexpected’ costs in a full bathroom reno, and budget blowout risks
  • What puts you at risk of needing to rip out a newly renovated bathroom
  • What to do if you find rot when you demolish your bathroom
  • Why not to use MDF or particle board in your bathroom (or almost anywhere for that matter!)

We finish with Jen’s hot tip for figuring out what your interior design aesthetic should be built around, based on your favourite Pinterest images.

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