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Decking & Fencing

Duncan loves big decks and he cannot lie! He installed a 37sqm kwila deck on his last house with some swanky details; whereas Jen improved the petite deck at her last house - with her favourite feature being the steps that ran the full length of the deck. Great for kids! Jen isn’t quite as passionate about decks as Dunc, but understands the value they add and between the two of them and guest Rod from One Stop Deck Shop you’re bound to learn something!

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 We also cover:
  •  An overview of parent company BuildPro, and specifically One Stop Deck Shop
  •  The artists that are deck building specialists
  •  Cheap and cheerful, the pros and cons of composite decking ‘modwood’ including maintenance and environmental footprint
  •  What drives decisions: budget and look
  •  What to be mindful of when using pine (clue: some brands use arsenic and chrome!)
  •  Kwila, purple heart, vitex, garapa colours and what happens to them as they age, with or without oiling
  •  Hardwood popularity in different regions
  •  Plank width options and trends
  •  The massive plus with using helix ground screws for decks and fences, when the soil is a good match
  •  Why not to use water-based finishes on decks vs a penetrating oil
  •  When people usually paint their decks
  •  How to clean your deck using ‘reviving’ products with a rug doctor for decks
  •  Mixing and matching timbers for a different look
  •  Sunken fire pits, built in seating and other fancy features
  •  It’s not about size, just make it functional
  •  Screwing versus nailing off your deck, and hiding screw heads
  •  Plank widths and how to use them
  •  What ‘cupping’ is and how to avoid it
  •  What does and doesn’t trigger a Building Consent

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