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Heritage Homes

This week we are focusing on heritage homes. Jen shares the reno she is underway with on her 1880s workers cottage & we have builder Matt from Intact Construction in to chat about the intricacies of renovating heritage homes - protected or not.

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 We also cover:
  •  What an ‘overlay’ area is in relation to heritage homes
  •  What a character home is
  • The two sets of drawings builders work from when renovating a heritage home
  • The era that is considered ‘heritage’ whether its protected or not
  • Some of the intricacies of working on homes like this
  • How much contingency you need
  • What the walls are often lined with
  • Wall framing materials then and now
  • Why there’s an extra labour component when working in homes with high ceilings
  • The difference between a cottage, villa and bungalow and how to identify each when looking at the front facade and roofline
  • The impact of access issues for adding extensions and installing pools on older homes
  • Why it’s especially important with character renovations to engage with a builder during the design phase
  • When you need traffic management for renovations
  • A stand out favourite project of Matt’s - converting a heritage hall into a family home in Ponsonby
  • How much more expensive a heritage home renovation is than a standard renovation
  • The difference between heritage home, heritage protected homes and character homes
  • Where you can buy new colonial look finishing lines (scotia, skirting, architraves) versus getting custom made to match existing profiles
  • Typical budget blowout items which are actually common problems in all character renovations
  • Even with a strip out, the most common issue with these homes that adds cost
  • What Matt likes most and messy about character renovations

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