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Heating, ventilation, solar and more

We cover a whole lot of things this week loosely labelled ‘services’ - but what we actually dive into is heating, ventilation, electric water and cooking, solar power and batteries, EVs and a whole lot more. Call it an intro to sustainability, resilience and how to run your home.

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 We also cover:
  •  What ‘Future Energy’ is
  •  What is energy and how it’s used in the home
  •  The major growth area that is sustainability in NZ (early adopters to mass market)
  •  What ‘sustainability’ has become since starting as more of a corporate social responsibility tick boxing exercise
  •  Whether ‘sustainable’ and ‘expensive’ is synonymous
  •  The upfront capital cost and how to fund it with renewable energy and healthy home loans with banks
  •  Ventilation and which ‘positive pressure systems’ are used in older homes
  •  The most common type of ventilation in NZ, and it’s not what you think
  •  The ventilation system used in newer more air tight homes
  •  How ventilation systems are adjusted depending on the time of year / temperature of the air in your roof
  •  Heating, cooling and air conditioning options and where costs start
  •  Heat pumps (high walls) versus ducted / central heating and multi split systems
  •  Options for terraced houses and high density areas with limited outdoor spaces
  •  Benefits of ducted / central heating systems for families
  •  The cost of power and how it compares between Dunc, Jen and guest Heath
  •  Where hi-walls versus floor mounted heat pumps can be installed, and how they work
  •  The most efficient way to heat your water
  •  Why people are moving away from gas for hot water and cooking
  •  Battery solar systems and how they work with shortfalls and exporting to the grid for credit
  •  The impact double glazing has on your energy efficiency and why
  •  What you should do first if you’re buying a do-up or starting a renovation, and the order thereafter
  •  Insulation options and why Autex’ Greenstuf is a good choice
  •  Pay back periods and why this isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing what system to install
  •  The strategy that goes into designing and installing systems and when they’re used, ie heating pools during the day
  •  How solar works for swimming pools now versus decades ago (heating water versus running the heat pump)
  •  The cost of solar and why it’s come down so much recently
  •  Considering payback period when this isn’t your forever home
  •  What makes the Tesla battery superior
  •  The cost of EVs and how to charge them
  •  Trends in owner occupied versus investor owned properties in terms of systems installed
  •  The process of assessing what you’re using and what to install to ensure you’re getting the best outcome for the investment
  •  Future proofing if you’re completing your renovation in two or more phases

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