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Joinery and interior finishes

This week we’re talking about joinery finishes - a good convo to tune into if you’re planning a kitchen reno, a bathroom reno, a media room, basically anything where you might need custom cabinetry! If you’ve heard of Formica, you’ve heard of Laminex!

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 We also cover:
  • What exactly joinery is in the context of this episode (not windows!)
  • Different finishes for joinery depending on whether it’s cabinetry or benchtop, specialist wall linings and so on
  • What Laminex is and does
  • Where you can use LPL (low pressure laminate) and the current number of colours and wood grains available
  • How you can get your hands on Laminex products
  • The way you might work with Laminex via designers etc
  • Where you can see / touch / feel Laminex products
  • Why Surround is better than GIB
  • What you might know HPL as (it’s had a rebrand!)
  • Caesarstone versus laminam
  • The next big thing in design, and it’s nothing to do with Covid
  • What you can use to create flow from insider to outside
  • Where to start with a new kitchen, whether it’s a facelift or whole new reno
  • The value interior designers can add, and how you can help kickstart the process
  • What to choose first when building an interior aesthetic
  • Which appliance to invest in when renovating a kitchen
  • Denise’s favourite Laminex product and why
  • Who leads design, NZ versus Aus

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