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Renovation rookies with big dreams, tune in!

Know exactly what you want but don’t know where to start, and haven’t a clue about costs? Introducing your secret reno’ weapon: Jen Jones (that's me!). As a self-confessed “spreadsheet geek”, I love doing what you hate: drafting a detailed timeline and budget (yes, in a spreadsheet) to suit your vision so you can achieve your dream home goals with a smooth step-by-step process, and without any nasty surprises or costly hiccups. 

After 10 years’ experience working on commercial projects between $2m and $220m, I set up Nine Yards Consulting to bring my unique mix of fitout, project, construction and cost management insight and expertise to residential projects. As a busy mum-of-two, I understand the pressures of tackling a renovation on top of a busy lifestyle (I'm even renovating my own home right now too!) and I have the know-how and the professional contacts to help you pull off your home transformation in style, and with time and maybe even money to spare.

Tune into my podcast to hear plenty of inspiring industry advice, listen to interviews with suppliers and tradie ladies, and learn from a tonne of problem-solving, time-saving insider tips.