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Window treatments

What exactly are window treatments? Essentially anything that you might use on your windows and doors to make them more private. Curtains, blinds, plantation shutters - that sort of thing! We’re covering both plantation shutters and curtains in this episode, with two companies who make it super easy and cost effective for homeowners to get a premium product for a fraction of traditional pricing.

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 We also cover:
  •  What Jen and Dunc have used in previous and current properties for window treatments
  • The issue with the plantation shutter market in NZ
  • The sort of vibe you can expect from plantation shutters
  • Jenna’s story of trying to source them for her own home, and Jen’s experience  getting quotes for hers
  • How The Refinery is able to supply a custom product that is high quality and at an affordable price
  • What The Refinery ‘Shutter School’ is
  • The different types of windows you can put plantation shutters in
  • How easy they are to install
  • Martha’s Furnishings background and what the owner, Linda’s, background is
  • What you can expect from Martha’s range
  • Their curtain making process and why it’s great for DIYers
  • Why you shouldn’t start with the curtain fabric, but rather the design
  • The rule of thumb for what height to hang the curtains
  • The benefit of sheers
  • What to do if you don’t want to run curtains to the floor because you need the wall space for furniture
  • How to make windows fade into the background
  • The difference between expensive versus more affordable curtains
  • Different pleat and hang styles for kitchens and how they look / what they might cost
  • The various ways you can line curtains
  • Linda’s favourite / go-to curtain
  • Upholstery weight fabric and what to use where in the home

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