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Interior design

Something that’s a bit foreign to Dunc: interior design. Not Jen's strong suit either - give her a budget spreadsheet any day! Interior designers can add immense value and often work in whatever capacity you need - be in some styling tips, a colour scheme, furniture layout or the full hog.


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 We also cover:
  •  How Home Candy Design started
  •  Where Candace is at with her own renovation
  •  The overall end goal for Candace’s renovation
  •  What villas were originally designed for and the impact of that design in NZ
  •  What exactly an interior designer is
  •  Whether or not hiring an interior designer is ‘just for rich people’
  •  The risk of going to a draftsman (over an architect) without working with an interior designer
  •  The one decision you should always start with
  •  Candace’s key piece of advice for all homeowners
  •  How to find your individual style
  •  The 60/20/20 rule for interior styles
  •  What the creative process is when a homeowner works with an interior designer
  •  What happens when you’re blinded by trends
  •  The algorithm vortex homeowners get stuck in when looking for images of inspirational interiors
  •  How interior design is phased when budget isn’t sufficient for the whole house
  •  Why kitchens and bathrooms are ideally renovated first
  •  The benefit of renovating bedrooms first, on the contrary
  •  The different ways you can work with an interior designer depending on whether you’re a DIYer or not
  •  Why having non-negotiables is a good idea
  •  Understanding which items in a home will have the highest impact
  •  The most common wow factor item
  •  The issue with NZ’s lighting options
  •  The impact of NZ’s limited furniture options and ‘big box’ retailers who follow trends
  •  The obvious signs an interior designer has been involved
  •  Why it’s somewhat pointless working with an interior designer if you’re planning a vanilla house
  •  What to do if you love your lighting but this isn’t your forever home
  •  Why it’s a good idea to get an interior designer involved before lodging for Building Consent
  •  The rooms where you can push the boat out a bit
  •  Candace’s thoughts on mixed metals and the exception to the rule of trying to tie them all in
  •  What the appropriate amount of pillows and cushions are
  •  When and how overwhelm often kicks in
  •  Whether or not on trend means lacks personality

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