How to prevent

budget blowouts

on your renovation

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I've taken everything I've seen and learned from managing construction projects for almost 15 years and summarised it for you, the homeowner, in this FREE webinar.

Budget blowouts are the number one concern from homeowners planning a renovation project. How much is it all going to cost, and how do you avoid costly mistakes blowing your budget once you're underway? I've summarised my experienced into THREE secrets for how to prevent budget blowouts and I'm going to share them with you in this webinar.

Align expectations with reality - what will it actually cost.


Identify the risk areas and plan for them.


Take the guess work out of it for your builder.

Hi. I'm Jen Jones.
Your secret reno weapon.


For almost 10 years I worked with established New Zealand businesses managing their construction projects between $2m - $220m, as well as undertaking residential projects of my own. I set up my business to allow me to bring that experience and expertise to your renovation.

Embarking on a home reno is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. I am well equipped with the know-how, competence and confidence to teach you how to manage the process and keep it running smoothly to time without unnecessary stress, and most of all, without budget blowouts.

You will see how easy it is to turn your renovation dreams into reality — without budget blowouts.

Frequently Asked Questions


No. I understand that you've got other things on! So instead of only running this at a specific day and time, you've got five days to watch it at a time that is convenient for you and your lifestyle.


It's 40mins but allow a little longer in case you need to pause it to make notes. I save the best for last so you'll want to stay for the whole webinar too! Feel free to increase the playback speed if you want to get through it more quickly (1.25x is comfortable).


Since it's not a live webinar, I won't be able to answer your specific questions at the time. I do however address a number of FAQ, and also provide the opportunity for you to email me questions after that I will personally respond to.

Learn how to turn your renovation dreams into reality, without budget blowouts in this FREE webinar.