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Eight ways to use tiles in your renovation

There are plenty of ways to add interest to your home through the use of tiles. Of course there are the usual bathroom walls and floors but also laundry, kitchen and hallway flooring. Kitchen splashbacks - another obvious one.

Then there are the slightly less common, but interesting uses. The hearth around your fireplace? The boxing around your flue; columns; your front steps and even your outdoor patio (instead of say a deck for example).

Tiling inspiration

You can find plenty of images online to inspire you. I’ve included a few of my favourites below to get you started.

The obvious one - your floors

Kicking off the inspiration with something on the obvious side... floors! Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, lobbies and mud rooms, living areas, hallways.... you can pretty much tile any room in the house! In warmer climates, it's not uncommon to seeing throughout - whereas in cooler climates it's more likely to be reserved for working areas, with living and bedroom spaces being carpeted. 

Up the walls

A tiled shower is so much better than the acrylic alternative, but showers are not the only place where walls can be tiled! The rest of the bathroom, your laundry, and anywhere else that needs to be splashproof is a great place to start. If you're tiling your floors, as above, then there's also the option of a tiled 'skirting board' on the walls as well as a tiled kickboard for your joinery.

Around your boxed in flue

Boxing in your chimney or flue? Make a feature of it with a specialist finish, or tiles like in this example which also wraps around the hearth.

To spruce up a column

If you live in an apartment, you might find yourself with awkwardly positioned columns. Tiles are a great way to make dress them! 

An outdoor patio

Outdoor living spaces don't have to be a concrete slab or a timber deck. Whether you're installing something new, or working with an existing outdoor living area, tiles are an option. Don't be disheartened if all you have is an old patio and steps - give it a facelift with tiles! 

The hearth in front of your fireplace

The original purpose of a hearth was for safety, but it's also a great landing pad for your knees when lighting the fire, and a fantastic opportunity to add some visual interest to your home. Why not do that with tiles?

Splashbacks throughout your home

Not only reserved for the kitchen like this example, splashback tiling can be used in bathrooms that aren't fully tiled, and also your laundry - whether it is in the garage, the scullery, or it's own room. 

The treads and / or risers of a staircase

Interior and exterior stairs don't have to be concrete, timber or carpet - tiling the riser and tread are a great way to add interest. In this example below, the riser has been tiled in a blue patterned tile which is in contrast to the tile used on the tread and patio area.


Tiling installation

Installing or ‘laying’ tiles is a specialist task best outsourced to a professional. There are a number of stages involved in the process which I talk about in my Guide to Specifying Finishes ebook - you can see more on this below.


Do you have plans to renovate your home?

My Guide to Specifying Finishes ebook is the missing piece between an idea and execution. This ebook unpacks every finish you can think of including walls, floors, ceilings, joinery, hardware and more. You’ll learn about things like choosing tiles and carpet, colour palettes and which kind of paint to use where, and all the options for custom joinery (i.e. your kitchen!) so you can bring your final vision to life.



Image credits: Pinterest