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Interior Design: Tools of the 'trade'

Having the right tools definitely makes the job easier. When it comes to measuring a room, sketching a floor plan, writing a project scope, or preparing a mood board, I'm all about making the task as easy as possible. Here are TEN of my favourite ‘tools’ that help me get the job done!

Measuring tape or laser

Could there be another number one? It doesn't have to break the bank, but don’t skimp on the tape either. You want it to be sturdy so it doesn't flop down when you're measuring a room, especially if doing so yourself. I use the Lufkin one from Mitre10. If you’re after a laser, the DeWalt Pocket Laser is a cost-effective option.

Grid paper

As mentioned in my floor plan blog, grid paper makes drawing well-proportioned and scaled layouts easy. You can download the Nine Yards Consulting floor plan workbook including printable grid paper here.

Tracing paper

Easily the best life-hack when it comes to playing with floor plan and kitchen layout ideas. Watch my how-to video on tracing paper here.

Erasable pens

These are a lifesaver! They come in a range of sizes, colours, and functions (yes, you can even buy erasable highlighters and markers!). You can easily source them from Mighty Ape and any half decent stationery store. I use the pens for sketches and the highlighters for marking up drawings for pricing and construction.

Pencil case

As a bit of a pen and pencil collector, I need something to keep my tools together. My two favourites are from the Japanese brand Delfonics which I purchased from Everyday Needs.


For all the functionality of InDesign, at a fraction of the price, I use Canva. My ebooks have been generated in Adobe, but everything else from social media posts to project proposals is in Canva.

Although I use a paid version, the free account still provides access to a library of functional templates, including mood boards, which is a great way to visually capture your project inspiration.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can purchase templates on Etsy or Creative Market, or create your own.

Floor Planner

Floor Planner is free software and an exceptional tool. Whilst again, I use a paid version, the complimentary one has all the functions the average home renovator will need. Plus, it’s straight forward to learn.

Colour chips

I love my set of ABI Colour Chips. Most plumbing and door hardware come in one of these shades (or very similar!) so they’re great to have on hand when searching for complimentary wall and floor finishes. Paint chips are no different.


Being able to access digital floor plans, emails, apps, and other tools in one little device makes being on the go all-day a whole lot easier.


This one surely goes without saying. It’s my go-to for design inspiration, and my clients’ too. The easiest way for me to get a feel for what style of interior resonates with my clients and the sorts of finishes they love is to have a look at their Pinterest boards. You can see mine here.


What are your favourite tools?

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