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Improving your 'street appeal'

‘Street appeal’ refers to the aesthetic ranking of a property’s front yard. Think white picket fence, well positioned and pruned plants, a superior paint job on the front porch, impeccable lawn… it’s picture perfect, right?

It’s something that you usually only hear about when chatting to the realtor of an open home, but street appeal doesn’t need to be reserved for sale day. You deserve to come home to a beautiful front yard every day, if that’s what you want.

The first thing to consider though, is off-street parking options, as no matter what your ‘street appeal’ goals are, the practicality of off-street parking might need to be incorporated and dealt with aesthetically so your front yard doesn't look like valet.

Once that's figured out, the next consideration is what's visible from the street. When we think about street appeal, the image that comes to mind is a very open front yard, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to create an attractive front yard without losing your privacy.

Fully visible front yard

In some suburbs, it might be a requirement to keep the front yard visible. This could either be the result of caveats in a new subdivision, where the land developer is hoping to maintain uniformity; or because of heritage requirements – in which case you might have to comply with specific fencing design (cue white picket fence) as well as balustrade and handrail design for the steps up to your front porch. Whether it’s by choice or compliance, there are plenty of options, and I share these in my exteriors ebook if you're looking for more help.

Private front yard

If you’re not restricted to an open front yard, and you’re all about privacy, then there are plenty of options for you as well, either via fencing, planting or in some cases, off-street parking.


Consider the orientation of your home when deciding whether or not to make the front yard private. In the southern hemisphere, outdoor living is best positioned on the northern side of the home. If your street frontage faces north, then a private front yard might be more appropriate to keep outdoor play and dining out of sight – particularly if you have young children.


'Renovating' your yard as well?

Everything from roofing and cladding to fencing and landscaping – include swimming pools, planting, grass, decoration and quick wins for street appeal.

Establish yourself as the best house on the block with dreamy landscaping and decor. If you’re launching a new project, it can be daunting to think of all the things to consider and plan.

This guide aims to ease some of the burden of planning a beautiful exterior, offering guidance for everything from roofing and cladding, fencing and landscaping to stunning design and decor.