How to use lockdown for home improvement

With NZ’s level four lockdown behind us, and level two just slightly out of reach, many kiwis are still housebound and quickly running out of Netflix content to binge.

Cue home improvements.

But what can you do in a semi-lockdown?

Now you might be wondering, what is achievable at level three?

By using what you have around the house and now that online shopping is open, you might be surprised!

From rearranging your home to using up leftover paint, these TEN ideas will inspire you to start creating or planning your dream home during the lockdown.

Here we go!
Get researching

Start by downloading my free 20 Insider Tips & Tricks and 20 Budget Hacks ebooks. They’ll get you started with some ideas for your home reno’.


Create a floor plan

Have a measuring tape? Have a go at drawing your floor plan by hand. Use my how to draw a floor plan workbook for a full breakdown of the process.


Write a wish list

Go through each room and assess all aspects of the space, including areas for repair, refurbishment, and replacement.

Download my how to identify your renovation project scope workbook to get you started.


Gimme a call

Book a free phone consultation, and I will give you some ideas on how to improve your space (bonus points for sharing your dimensioned floor plan sketch and some photos with me first!).


Set out your walls

Thinking about moving walls?

If you’ve got some masking tape and a measuring tape, then set-out their new locations and put tape on the floor to get a feel for shape, size, and orientation (if needed).


Put on your painting clothes

Have some paint? Depending on the type, colour, and volume available, there are several ways you can use it.

If you have a pot of putty too, you can patch old wall hook holes and touch-up the paint.

For test pot size, rejuvenate your letterbox.

For 2L or more, consider a few coats on your front door or a feature wall somewhere.

Spray paint? Upcycle some furniture or refresh your kitchen handles (but unscrew them first!).


Mix things up a little!

Reorganise your bookshelf or any exposed shelving for that matter.

Look up some inspo’ on Pinterest, then clear everything off the shelves, clean them, and restock them in a new layout.

I do this with my Tomado shelves every few months.

My current go-to is colour coding our books in blocks then dropping in other bits and pieces around them.


Rearrange your furniture

Challenge the status quo!

Ever wondered what it would be like for your bed head to be on the other wall or your couch in a different position?

When I first moved into my home, I positioned my couch the same way as the previous owner.

One day I changed it to suit my rug shape, and honestly, I’ve never looked back.

Sometimes the obvious layout isn’t the best.

The worst-case scenario is you move the furniture then move it back. It will kill extra lockdown time and you’ll finally be able to clean behind the couch!


Plan, plan, plan

Don’t let lockdown stop you from planning.

Window shop online for some swanky new wallpaper to upgrade your stairwell, a rug for your lounge if you have hardwood floors or a fresh new (or old - Trade Me bargain anyone?) lampshade.


Got a green thumb?

How’s your garden looking?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to change?

There’s no time like the present to get started on the preparations. Even if it’s simply pulling out a bunch of old plants and moving some rubbish so that you have a clean canvas to work with for stage two: redesign.

Although I don’t recommend this strategy indoors - always have a plan before you start the demolition!

Good luck!