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How to use tracing paper for your home renovation

Tracing paper is one of my go-to tools when it comes to sketching floor plan ideas or elevations.

Whether you’re working off a floor plan you created, one from your realtor’s website, or something your architect or interior designer drew up – tracing paper is your friend!

I’ve prepared a quick video on how to use it, following the steps below.


The steps

Place the tracing paper over your floor plan and tape it to a surface with masking tape or secure it in a clipboard.

Use a thicker pen and trace the exterior perimeter of the house, including notches to show window and door locations - such as a 0.6mm pen.

If you have a photocopier, now's a great time to put a few sheets of tracing paper into your printer and take copies.  That way, you’ll only need to trace the perimeter once.

Use a thinner pen or pencil to test out some interior layouts. If you're using a pen, try a 0.2mm.

Bonus tip

For elevations, follow the same process as above. You can test out kitchen and wardrobe layouts, media walls, and anything else that isn’t a plain wall.


Watch the video here...



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