Go Find Out... the Jen Jones edition

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Go Find Out... the Jen Jones edition

Earlier this month I was interviewed by Jennifer Jelliff-Russell on her podcast Go Find Out. Jennifer describes her podcast as a source of inspiration via "interviews with badass women who kicked their fears to the curb and conquered their goals like a boss." The information below is a direct copy from Jennifer's podcast, and includes a link to listen.

Are you ready to go find out?

Ep.43: Jen Jones manages your renovation projects!

Have you been dreaming of renovating your home while stuck in lockdown during the pandemic? Jen Jones is here to help you manage your renovation project!

Listen as I chat with Jen about how she went from commercial construction project management to starting her own residential renovation project management company. She'll share how she juggled the demands of being a new mom while simultaneously starting her business and managing renovation projects.

Listen by hitting the play button above!

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